Its properties are similar to “Rafiq-e-Hayat”.

Headache : Rub on the fare head.
Joints Pain : Apply with cotton on the effected part and rub gently till absorbed.
Toothache :Apply with cotton on the effected part.
Earache :Instill 1 Drop mixed with 4 drops of mustard oil in the ear.
Atonic Dyspepsia :3 drops to be given with Arq Badyan, Arq Ajwain, Arq Podina.
Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Flatulence, Stomach-ache etc :3 drops with Arq Badyan, Arq Elaichi,Arq Podina.
Nausea And Vomiting :Take 2 drop with 20ml. Sharbat Anar Shirin.
Common cold :Rub on the tip of the nose.