This Vati has germicide effect on poisonous bacteria. The main factor of almost all the diseases of body is stomach. The name of this Vati is sanjiyoni. Hence it is used to cure all the gastric ailments. Beside, it cleanse the urine, excretes all the foul matter of the body through perspiration, cures the fever due to gastric disorders.

Dosage & Mode of application  
It should be given along with adrak juice in the case of fever due to constipation or alonwith jaiphal (duly rubbed in water), if fever is alongwith watery diarrhoea and alongwith Araq Podina or Araq Kapoor, if the fever is due to watery and acute diarrhoea. It is beneficial for snake bite, if given 3 pills 3-4 times a day with 2 hours gap; as such poisonous effect will be subside.